Why Smart Investments like Iban Wallet Play A Pivotal Role In Every Successful Financial Plan

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If everything feels more expensive today than it was a decade ago, it’s because the costs have shot up over the years. Be it education expenses, purchasing a property or daily lifestyle expenses. The main factor contributing to these soaring costs is inflation. Another reason which adds to the burden is the low salaries as compared to what our parents earned at their age. According to a 2019 report by Pew Research Centre, over the past 50 years the individual earnings have remained mostly flat for young workers.

To cope with the increasing expenditure, many individuals resort to personal loans. These multi-purpose loans can be used to meet different objectives. Be it to go on an international vacation, purchase a property, fund your child’s higher education or take care of sudden medical emergencies. However, to qualify for such loans banks require you to fulfil certain criteria. This includes having a good credit history which can assure the bank that their money will not be defaulted. In other words, even to qualify for a loan you must have enough dough to show in your bank account which can give you credibility and reflect your repayment capacity.

How do you earn extra income over and above your salaries? Enter Investment Platforms.

Investing with Iban Wallet

Iban Wallet is a one-of-a-kind digital platform that offers its investors interest rates that vary between a projected 2.5% AER and go up to 6% AER. The rates are based on the investment product you choose. The users can earn interest daily and receive real-time notifications from its user friendly app. Plus, they can request to withdraw the funds whenever they require. Compared to other traditional forms of investment, Iban’s withdrawal facilities provide easy redemption. 

Another benefit of  Iban Wallet is its ease of investment. You can start with just one $/€1. All you have to do is choose the investment product and watch your money grow. Once you reach the set corpus amount you have in mind, you can transfer the funds to your personal bank account. The surplus funds can aid you in the process of getting a personal loan by contributing to your corpus (savings).

As investors, our topmost concern while investing is the safety of our funds. We want the funds to be accessible and exposed to the least risk. At Iban, investor protection and risk mitigation are given the highest priority. With its three-layer protection policy including asset-backed loans, a Buyback guarantee and a Safeguard Trust, the investment platform protects the funds of its investors against any contingencies. In the rare event that a borrower can’t pay back, your funds stay safe and you do not suffer from any loss. 

Registering with Iban Wallet

Registering with Iban Wallet is a simple and quick three-step process. 

  • Visit the official Iban website and open an account after providing minimal paperwork
  • Choose the investment product you wish to invest in
  • Add funds to the Iban wallet

After the registration, you can sit back and let your investments generate handsome returns for you over time. You can also download the Iban app on your iOS or Android device for a user-friendly interface. The app is easy to navigate and understand. You can get in touch with the team in case you have any concerns. 

Investors also stand to earn a bonus up to €250* for referring their friends, family and relatives to get on board Iban’s investment platform.

*Terms and Conditions apply

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