What you need to know when choosing a forex broker in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is among the top financial centres in Asia. It also ranks as the top country with the largest economic freedom in the world. The economy of the country depends largely on international trade and finance. Hong Kong also ranks fourth after USA, UK, and Singapore in forex trading. This goes to show that there are very many forex enthusiasts traders in the country that choose forex trading as a source of income or as a supplement to what they are earning.

Another factor that makes Hong Kong a busy hub for forex trading is the availability of reliable forex brokerage firms. It is easier for traders in this country than it is for many others in other countries to find competent and trustworthy brokers. The Hong Kong dollar is a stable currency that makes it ideal for anyone to open a forex trading demo account with an ideal broker in any location.

Guidelines on forex trading in Hong Kong


Before you delve into the market of forex trading, you need to be clear about your needs. If you are going at it for the first time, you will need some experience on what to expect in the currency trading market. Your first option will therefore be to look for a broker that can give you all the information you need about the market.

Some of the educations you need to learn are the fundamentals and technical analysis of the currency movements, the different options the broker offers and a deeper insight into the broker’s platform.


If you access your needs and make a decision on what you want, the next stop will be to go through the options of brokerages on offer. Carry out a thorough research to find out which one has what you need. One of the best brokerage firms in Hong Kong is Saxo and it provides you with the ideal environment for trading. You need to find out if the broker you choose has all the regulations required by KKSF and other reputable organisations.

If you are getting a foreign broker, ensure that they have the right to brokerage from international regulatory bodies such as Cypress CySec or UKs financial conduct authority (FCA). Also, check out the platforms they offer. Majority of the traders offer their own online proprietary trading platforms.

Others offer MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 5. On the technical side, ask about the technical analysis software your broker uses. Other issues to find out are if the broker uses an ECN trading account or a market marker. Also, find out about leverage ratio and how much you can control your account with a margin deposit.

Do not forget to check the broker’s customer care services. A good broker is one you can contact any time you have something to ask or to say. It will be of more help if the broker has features such as live chats, email and telephone. Your broker should also be in a position to provide you with all the educational resources you need such as videos, articles, webcasts analysis of the market and others.

Open an account

once you have your broker, it is now time to open an account, invest with whatever stating capital you want to start with and begin your trading journey. If you do not have any knowledge, the best suggestion would be to select a broker that can offer you the opportunity to own a demo account. A demo account provides you with the entire practise you need using virtual currency before moving on to using real currency.

Wrapping it up

Largely, the broker you choose to open a forex trader account with will be instrumental to how your trading takes off. It is therefore important to be very keen when choosing whom to go with in Hong Kong remembering that they all come with varying qualities. The broker you choose should have a good reputation both for online and offline brokerage. If you are comfortable with your choice, you can begin trading with ease.

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