What Are Some Buzzing Resume Trends of 2018?

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Getting a good job can be a challenging, but you can make it easier by presenting yourself as a skilled professional. In addition to getting hiring help from a top recruiting agency like Beacon Resources, it’s also important to make sure your resume is up-to-date. Here are a few buzzing resume trends of 2018 you should know about before updating your own document.

  1. Eliminate Your Street Address

It used to be common practice to include your street address on your resume. However, the trend for 2018 is to remove the street address altogether. Now that resumes are submitted almost exclusively online, there’s no need for a mailing address. You should still include your location, but just the city and state is fine.

  1. Simplify Your Format

Simplicity in resume design is preferred by most recruiters over complicated design elements. Whether you’re looking for CFO job openings or accounting positions, less is more when it comes to resume formatting. Here are a few tips for simplifying your format without making your document look boring:

  • Avoid photos and other design elements that are not applicant tracking system (ATS)-friendly
  • Use a combination of bullet points and paragraphs to break up content
  • Use plenty of whitespace in your design
  • Avoid adding unnecessary flair like creative borders and unusual fonts

To make your resume stand out, it’s okay to add a splash of color in the header, but don’t go overboard. The best headhunters in Chicago keep a sharp eye out for resumes that are simple and clean.

  1. Optimize for ATS

Most resumes go through an ATS, so it’s important to optimize your document accordingly. Use keywords that apply to the job you’re applying for or your resume won’t make it past the first stage of the hiring process.

These simple resume trends can make a big difference in how you’re perceived by hiring managers. If you’re serious about finding a good job, contact Beacon Resources or fill out our online form to find out how we can match you up with the best finance jobs.

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