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Unusual Alternative Uses for Credit Cards

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It’s pretty easy to understand why people get a credit card in the first place. Usually it’s for the simple reason that they want to obtain the benefit of rewards that the card offers. It could also be as simple as they want a convenient way to pay without having to carry cash around with them every where they go. But those aren’t the only ways that you can use a these.

What do you do when your credit card expires? Most of us cut it into small pieces and throw it away to add yet another small amount to out local landfill, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of just throwing them away, why not convert them into something useful? Here are some alternative uses for your credit cards that are worth considering:

Guitar Picks

make guitar pick from credit card
One interesting way to reuse credit cards is to turn them into a guitar pick. Credit cards are just the right weight and thickness. Cut it into the traditional triangle shape and you’re good to go! And it saves you the trouble of buying new guitar picks. If you really like this idea, you can purchase a pick punch which will allow to easily make the guitar picks for yourself, as well as create inexpensive and interesting gifts for your musical friends.

Grout or Caulking Tool

Credit cards are amazing for those tight spaces in your kitchen or bathroom, especially if you’re trying to remove old grout. Even better, the round edges of credit cards will help you achieve a neat, clean finish to any newly applied caulking. If you don’t have the normal tools available, using a credit card is a great replacement.

Ice Scraper

For those that live in snowy areas, you know that ice is an awful thing to scrape away. Generally, you’ll have an ice scraper – or a couple – handy, but when in doubt, a credit card will do. Sometimes the credit card will work better than the ice scraper, especially on those small, thin, hard to get spots that the normal ice scraper is too bulky for. And, if you happen to run into offseason ice, you’ll have an impromptu ice scraper handy!

Aquarium Glass Scraper

Like an ice scraper, a credit card makes a great impromptu scraper for an aquarium. For saltwater aquariums, you know that algae and other residue easily builds up on the walls of your tank. A credit card is thin and durable enough to scrape off all that residue.


plastic card bookmark
If you’re a reading enthusiast, you know how hard it is to find a good bookmark. You don’t want to dog-ear the page and sometimes a simple slip of paper falls out. So how about using an old credit card as a bookmark? It may be shorter than something you would normally use, but it’ll mark the spot in your book perfectly.

Straight Edge

A credit card won’t be a good substitute for a ruler if you really need to measure something. But it is a great substitute if you need to draw a straight line. If you don’t have a ruler nearby and need to draw a line in a pinch — and are an utter failure at drawing straight lines without a ruler — try using a credit card.

Unlock Doors

By now, you’ve probably seen or read about people who can unlock doors with their credit card. You won’t be able to unlock newer doors with a credit card, but this will usually work on older doors. Just slide the card right near the bolt and move it back and forth until you’re able to open the latch. It’s a great trick if you ever accidentally lock yourself out, although it might also be a clue that it;s time to update your locks.

Battery Cover

Have you ever had a remote control or electronic where you lost the cover that seals the batteries in? It’s obnoxious, isn’t it? Rubber bands are equally as easy to lose and tape always gets grimy and peels off. And there’s never any need to go out a buy a new cover if the remote is working fine otherwise. So why not rectify this solution by cutting up that old credit card and tacking it on to the back of the remote or electronic. It’ll stay put and you won’t lose your batteries anymore.

Dish Scrubber

While it’s probably not sanitary to use a credit card to scrape all residue off your dishes, it’s a great dish scrubber in a pinch when you’re dealing with those food spots that don’t seem to want to come off. If you’ve ever baked something too long, microwaved it too much, or let it sink in the sink long enough that the food seemed to become part of the plate, you know how difficult it is to get that off. If you don’t have a hard dish scrubber, or if yours has already kicked the bucket, try using the edge of your credit card. Just make sure to wash that dish afterward.


If you’re someone who actually gets 5 to 10 credit card offers a week, you’re probably rolling in fake credit cards. If you enjoy creating art, why not put these cards to good use? They’re colorful enough that you can create something really interesting. Cut them up and make a mosaic on a canvas, a picture frame, or as the lining underneath a glass table. It’ll definitely be a unique project, and you’re putting those unused credit cards to good use. Plus, you’ll have an interesting story to tell if anyone asks about that art.

One of the best ways to save on credit card fees is no doubt by switching providers. The thing to look for, is what is known as a “low balance transfer credit card” – which works like a charm.

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