The Servcorp Service – The Benefits Of Virtual Offices

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Malaysia is a major player in the Asian business world, being the 5th largest economy in Southeast Asia and 35th largest in the world. According to 2017’s reports, the country experienced its highest annual growth since 2014, so moving into the Malaysian marketplace would be a wise choice for any entrepreneur.

Virtual offices can be a massive help when breaking into the Malay marketplace. Cost-effective and flexible, virtual offices offer all the perks of having an actual office space in Malaysia with none of the risks.  When it comes time to find a provider of a virtual office, Servcorp offers unparalleled services and solutions.

Let’s look at the benefits that virtual offices have to offer in closer detail.

Virtual Offices are Extremely Cost-effective

One enormous benefit of virtual offices offer is cost-effectiveness. One concise, monthly rolling bill for a virtual office with all amenities included compared with the huge ongoing cost of renting or leasing a traditional office space is going to be very attractive when trying to stay afloat in the marketplace. Not to mention paying for all the utilities you’d need to run a brick and mortar office such as electricity, phone and internet connections and paying administration staff.

The virtual office solution leaves you with extra profits that you can put straight back into your business.

Ready to Go Instantly

As the saying goes ‘Time is money’ and nowhere is this more true than in the modern business environment. When you sign up for a virtual office, it’s quicker and much more straightforward than getting set up in an actual office. You won’t have to wait for internet and phone providers to come and set you up – everything will be ready to go instantly. Leaving no precious time wasted.

Once you’ve signed up, a fully functioning virtual office environment is at your fingertips, leaving you more free time to concentrate on achieving your business goals.

Virtual Offices Offer Flexibility

Often, a huge barrier to entry in business is the outrageous costs of rent in prime business locations. With a virtual office, you don’t have to worry about this as you won’t be locked into binding long-term leases and contracts. Premium providers know that flexibility is paramount to your business needs so they offer monthly flexible contracts with pay as you go and pay-as-you-need optional extras. There’s a range of packages to suit your business goals and you can discontinue your service at any time with no charges or penalties.

This flexibility is a massive benefit when starting out in a new marketplace.

Instant Access to Top Class Amenities in Prime Locations

When you choose to utilise a virtual office, you’ll receive instant access to highly trained, professional IT support staff and administration staff. Your virtual assistant will be available to take and forward calls to you meaning you’ll never miss out on a business opportunity.

You’ll also have access to prestigious addresses in three different locations in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s thriving business district. You’re free to use this address on all your business correspondence and promotional materials as well as your local business cards. This makes an excellent first impression and shows potential clients that you really mean business.

You will also have the option the utilise the location for real should you need to, with access to state of the art meeting rooms, boardrooms and co-working spaces available on a pay-as-you-need basis.

Will a Virtual Office Benefit Your Business?

It seems that virtual offices are only growing in popularity and with all the benefits they provide it’s easy to see why. A virtual office will save you money, save you time, and offers you the utmost flexibility.

They are fast becoming the office of the future and a huge player in clever business growth.


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