How to Renovate Your Bathroom Without Renovating Your Bathroom!

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Keeping the style on your home updated is no easy task. Nor is it a cheap one, with your bathroom topping the list when it comes to cost per room in your home. This often leaves many homeowners to focus their attention and money on the rest of the hoes and leave their bathroom the same for the duration of their homeownership.

If this sounds like you, and you can’t stand the thought of spending another day in your current bathroom, consider taking advantage of the Groupon Coupons page for Turbotax this year and spend your refund on bringing your bathroom back to life with the below tips.

Change the Lighting

The first change to make is the lighting. The chances are that you look up and see a single bright white bulb in the center of your bathroom ceiling. While this may do a good job of waking up during the early hours of the morning when you just need to use the bathroom, it doesn’t do anything to make space feel comforting or to make you look better in front of the mirror!

Instead of totally replacing the fitting, simply swap out your existing white bulb for a smart LED-based bulb. These bulbs can fit into your existing socket and, once connected to your smartphone, can be programmed to perform a range of functions. For example, you can adjust the brightness in the morning and then raise it during the day. Similarly, you can adjust the intensity levels to help create a better look in your mirror along with having control over the color the light displays.


Your mirror is one of the most important objects in your bathroom, namely because it’s where you see yourself. However, are you really seeing yourself or are you seeing a smudged and distorted view? Over time, the change in temperatures and the high levels of moisture can cause the mirror to deteriorate and not show you the best you they can!

Swap out your current mirror for a new one which not only includes lighting around the border but which can also provide hidden storage. While you can’t expect to hide your hair straightener or hair dryer in your mirror you will be able to find one with enough space for your creams, lotions, and even your medications.

Shower Head

A number of years ago there was a strong movement to conserve water and everybody jumped on board. Since then, we seem to have all been living with water-saving showerheads. And while it’s important to converse water, technology has come a long way since you installed your current shower head, giving you many more options to enjoy a shower without wasting water.

Head to your local home improvement store and browse the range of shower heads that are available. While some of them may seem out of your budget, remember that you are replacing your shower head instead of a total renovation, so don’t be afraid to spend a little more than you would usually to get something truly relaxing and nice.

Just because you don’t have the budget to give your bathroom a complete renovation doesn’t mean that you can’t freshen up its style and enjoy more comfortable space!

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