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Part Time Jobs With Working Mums

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Part-time jobs are a popular option for mums who wish to continue working. There are a number of reasons for this. One of the most important is that it means still being able to spend time with children. While a part-time job will require a time commitment, it’s usually far less than a typical full-time job allowing mums to spend more time with their children and families than they could working full time.

Another important factor is that part-time work can help maintain a career that’s taken a long time to build over time. Many mums want to spend less time working, but also don’t want to fully give up their careers. Quitting could leave a gap in their resume which could make it difficult for them to reenter their career field at a later date if they wanted. By choosing to work part-time, they gain time to do other things which are important to them while not sabotaging career opportunities in the future.

part-time jobsIn addition to the two above points, part-time work has the important asset of offerings the ability to maintain working independence and still build an income. Many mums enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with providing part of the income for the family and don’t want to give that up. In fact, the income may be an important part of the family income. By opting for a part-time job rather than quitting the workforce all together, they are able to continue to contribute financially to the family while gaining independence that wouldn’t have with a full-time job.

An added benefit is that employers who offer part-time work are often more understanding towards employees who need to be flexible with their working hours and days due to personal commitments. As part-time work is often casual work it’s also a good way to maintain a social life without the stress of a high pressured job that fills up your mind in your personal time. Not every person wants to leave the job industry when deciding to have children and part-time work means that not everyone has to. Especially for those who have good careers, are nearing or are already at the top of their game, part-time work can mean the chance to maintain a positive reputation in the job industry and keep in communication with those vital contacts.

It can also provide a welcome alternative to the 9-5 rat-race, which for some can be tiresome. Whether you decide to work in the middle of the day, before school hours or after standard work hours, in a supermarket, a charity or a high-flying job, completing part time work offers great options that perhaps full time work can’t. It means having greater choice about how you want to spend your time, and what you want the focus of your life to be. For those who strive on variety, there is even the possibility to do a number of part time jobs in order to compliment your entire career or work preferences whilst still having time for the children.

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