Most Inventive Business Cards

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Business cards are a pre-requisite for many people. They are handed out in meetings, at conferences and every time a potential contact is made at a fair or event. In a competitive business market, why do so many of us stick with a boring white rectangle of card to advertise ourselves and our services? Especially when there are plenty of more exciting options out there.

Instantprint are a print company that specialize in areas such as business cards. They will even create exciting business cards to help make your business stand out.

Be a shape-shifter

alternative shaped business card
Image via PressingLetters

Dare to be different and branch out from the traditional rectangular design. If your business has an associated shape, such as a car for a taxi firm, then why not have your business cards laser cut to a design that shouts about what you do?

Make someone smile

If you want to be memorable and make someone dig out your card for another look, then try the humorous approach. Jokes, internet memes and puns could all be used to give your business card an added boost.

Tear and share

tear apart business card
Image via BuzzFeed

Make your business card interactive by including perforated tear lines so that multiple people can keep a miniature version. This concept is also good for posting your business cards on noticeboards at events.

Get interactive

Whether you have a pop-up image, use a stamp for people to self-print their own copies of your card or go digital with the inclusion of a QR code giving your business card an interactive angle will help it to stand out from the crowd. Augmented Reality is particularly popular at the moment and is straightforward to add to existing business card designs.

Be useful

bike tool business card
Image via RethinkCanada

If your business card does something then recipients are more likely to hang onto it and engage with it. You could even try and find a useful element that is linked to your business, such as incorporating a strip of emery board for nail technicians. []

Get your face out there

If your staff aren’t shy, or you work in the entertainment business, it can be a good idea to put a face to a name. When people see that business card again they are more likely to remember who gave it to them and recall that winning pitch you made about your company or services.

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