Is Citi Still Approving?

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Capital One Updates

Citi has been going strong all along, even during the toughest Covid times. Recent approvals are up at 40 out of a total of 48 applications reported on the Credit Card Database.

So Citi is definitely accepting new card members.

The most recent applicant on the forum applied for the Citi Double Cash card with a score of 770. He was approved for a $6,200 credit limit.

Back in August, another applicant applied for the Citi Double Cash card with a credit score of 772, and he was approved for a $4,500 credit limit.

Same dates, different credit card:

An applicant applied for a Citi Diamond Preferred card. He’s got an income of $100,000 and a score of 744. He was approved for a mere $3,900.

That’s mere, compared to our applicant back in August who applied for the same card and was approved for a credit limit of $9,800, with a credit score of 760.

These examples show how all along, Citi has been basing acceptances by the same basis they’re using now, with almost no change impacted by Covid.

The reason the applicants have been approved for these numbers is not black on white, every report is different and gets a different analysis, but with a generally good approval rate, you shouldn’t hesitate to apply for a Citi card if all is mostly well on your end.

There’s one case here with an applicant who was approved for the Citi Double Cash for a limit of $3,000. He claims he has high credit card balances but his score is up at 720, which is good. He just was approved for a mortgage so his credit report must be in good standing, which earns him this card.

Another Citi Double Cash applicant, this card seems to be most popular, was declined even though he has a score of 750. It might be due to the fact that his oldest credit card is just a year old.

If you’re applying for a few cards at a time with a few different companies, it’s smart to know in what order to do it. If you go through the database, you can get an idea of which credit bureau  each bank will pull your credit from when they consider your application.

You can then apply for cards in a way that you can freeze a report and force the bank to pull from a different bureau to avoid having the banks see too many inquiries.

This applicant had an issue with his inquiries. With a credit score of 771, he applied for the Citi Secured Mastercard. He was declined because he had too many inquiries on Experian. 2 from that same day and the rest from 3 years earlier. He tried to have his application reconsidered, but even then, was declined.

So Citi is approving, but let’s try to apply in a smart way.

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