How to Get the Most Out of a Restaurant POS System

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Today’s modern POS systems can do amazing things to help you improve working efficiencies, increase sales, and create better customer experiences. There are many POS systems, each specifically designed and developed for different industries and the restaurant business is a big part of this. Some systems handle merchant account and make inventory keeping easy, while others are excellent at scanning barcodes and building customer loyalty programs. Let’s take a look at some features worth paying attention to, but which do not get fully used.

Create Your Own Loyalty Programs

The loyalty program is basically one of the marketing strategy that gives you the opportunity to gradually increase profits and stand on your own two feet. A loyal customer is the best advertisement for any restaurant. The goal of any discount or bonus program is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between restaurant and customers.

Try It Out

You should not make your mind on a system before you’ve tried it out first. Be sure to test out some of the features of the POS system like customer databases, basic cash sale, inventory management, purchase orders, refunds, etc. to see if it will meet the needs of your business and improve productivity and efficiency.

Online ordering

Offering online ordering can be an easy and effective way for you to increase sales. As part of your POS system like clover point of sale system, online menus are automatically synchronized, tickets are automatically generated, and online orders can be routed directly to your kitchen printers. Additionally, it will can create a polished image for your restaurant.

Tableside Ordering

A recent trend found in the business of restaurants is a shift of sorts to table-hosted serving of the guests. This is where a POS device of some variety holds the menu and prompts the customer through the ordering process. The culmination of this new dining experience made possible through lights of system like clover credit card machine with help of this payment and receipt printing at the tableside. These changes are intended to provide better efficiency for both the consumer and the restaurant establishment alike.

Let Your POS Analyze Your Business

POS systems can track and analyze customer buying behaviour, traffic patterns, loyalty programs, inventory requirements, add-on sales, and compare all that data to historical trends. Owners can use this data to improve sales forecasts and set more accurate kitchen prep pars to avoid running out or preparing too much.


Reporting is one of the most important tasks as a restaurant owner. Integrated reporting with your POS system will provide you with numeric insight into sales by department, item, hour, and more. It will also provide you with information on food costs and labor costs. An additional benefit is having built in reporting will allow you to review real-time reports and analytics anytime and anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

If your POS solution is lacking any of these options and features, it might be time for a change. By not taking advantage of the above features and functions, you’re not only missing out on ways to improve your operation, you’re falling short of what customer’s demand.

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