How I’ve Been Featured On The Top Blogs

Top Blogs

If you happen to have a technology related blog, you likely dream day and night about getting a mention on such blogs as Engadget and Gizmodo, the top two blogs in the blogoshpere according to Technorati. So it may surprise you to know that my Hello Kitty Hell blog has been featured on these blogs a number of times (for example, here and here)

Here’s a secret. If your blog is not related to technology in any way, it’s a lot easier to get mentioned on these blogs than if you write a technology blog. While that might not at first appear to make much sense, here are the reasons that it is:

Lack of coverage: If you have a technology blog, you are trying to come up with unique posts to submit to these A-list blogs. The problem is that so is everyone else plus the staff on the A-list blogs is getting tips from the sources directly. That means the chances of you getting a mention are pretty slim.

On the other hand, no other blogs are covering Hello Kitty and when Hello Kitty and technology combine, I have a post to submit to these blogs that nobody else has sent in and the editors have not seen giving me a decent chance of getting a link if the item is unique enough.

How To Use This Information: Most blogs stay within their community, but there is a huge group of potential readers outside your topic as well. If you have a blog post that combines your niche with another niche, the blogs in the other niche will likely find it unique and newsworthy (since they also likely stay mainly within their niche). Writing about your chosen topic with other topics thrown in is a great way to find new readers and possible get mentions on the top blogs out there.

Non Competitive: When a submission tip is made to a top blog that comes from a blog that is non competitive within their industry, I think they are willing to take a closer look at it. I have nothing to back this up other than just a feeling and my own experience, but it makes sense. I think most bloggers would be much more willing to accept information from someone outside their expertise than information that they could create themselves.

How To Use This Information: If you have a quality post that you think would interest a lot of people, instead of submitting it to the top blogs in your niche, take a look at it and see if it fits any other niches out there that might be interested in it. If so, a friendly email to the top blogs in that theme may get your blog a lot more exposure.

If you decide to create articles for other bloggers (which is a great way to get exposure), consider writing them for top bloggers outside your niche, but combining the two. This is where I have had the greatest success when offering to do this. For example, if you want to promote a money related blog, instead of trying to write a post for a top financial blog, try writing for a top dog blog with the theme being the the finances of owning a dog. I think you’ll find that those outside your niche will be more willing to invite you as a guest blogger.

Outside Their Knowledge Base: What may be common knowledge for anyone who follows your niche may be completely foreign to others that don’t follow the niche. That makes the information much more useful to those outside your niche than other bloggers inside your niche. Due to this usefulness, you have a better chance of having your post mentioned by top blogs outside your niche rather than within your niche.

How To Use This Information: Be creative in your posting to try and incorporate areas outside your niche when appropriate. It can be difficult to do this at first, but can be quite rewarding. A recent post on my personal finance blog that attracted quite a bit of attention was written about beer and was a submission from a beer blogger that I had requested from him. I was more than happy to give his beer blog a new audience and it was such a unique post for a personal finance blog that it attracted people to my blog that would not normally visit a personal finance blog.

While you need to focus on your niche when blogging, that doesn’t mean you should focus exclusively on it. Other topic can be melded together with yours and when done appropriately, can create a post that is interesting to a wider audience that would usually come to your blog. With so much competition in most themes these days, this is a great way for a new blogger to stand out a bit.

Image courtesy of robinhamman