How an Evil Cat Cartoon Keeps Me Out of Poverty

Hello Kitty Hell

The income for a person considered to be living in poverty is $10,210 for 2007. While it is certainly not an amount that you want to have for your entire income, it’s a decent amount for a blog to make and $1000 a month and it is what I would consider a relatively successful blog.

It’s a long (and not so pretty) story on how I have become a Hello Kitty blogger. While it’s downright embarrassing to admit that I’m the author of this blog, it earns enough so that I stay above the poverty line and is actually one of the easiest blogs that I write. It is also a perfect example that you can write about virtually anything and make money if you position it in the correct way.

I simply began this blog for fun to document all the crazy stuff I saw my wife selling and to comment on how stupid it all was. This ended up striking a chord in both Hello Kitty and anti Hello Kitty fans alike and while it isn’t my most popular blog I have by readership, it likely will be in the future. It’s a good example of the blogging advice to find a niche and dominate — in this case, quite easy to do because there was nobody writing about it. My guess is the reason was that nobody, including myself at the time, thought that an anti Hello Kitty blog could ever gather a following of more than a few readers.

Here are some of the lessons I have learned from this blog:

Don’t Assume A Certain Topic Won’t Sell: Had I begun this blog with the intent to make money off of it, it probably would have never been started. I simply was amazed at all the crap that was being merchandised and wanted to let off a bit of steam at the ridiculousness of it all. While many people try to copy blogs that have made a lot of money for someone else, there is money to be made writing on topics that are niche and where you don’t need to stand out in a crowded field.

Blog What You Know: While it is embarrassing that I know as much as I do about Hello Kitty, I do know it. And because my wife has a business with these goods, I find out about a lot of the crazy stuff that is produced before most other people do. If you know something well, it can be a perfect subject to blog about.

If You Get Readers, Income Will Come: This blog gets about 750,000 page views a month, but was barely earning anything for the longest time. It took a lot of experimenting for me to figure out how to make money on this site. I started with Google adsense, but it preformed miserably and moved onto some others that didn’t do well either. I just kept trying different advertising platforms until I found a couple that worked. Don’t give up if the popular ad networks don’t work for your blog. Keep trying until you find one that works.

Multiple Blogs Can Keep Your Writing Fresh: Another reason that I started this blog was because it was so much different than my other writing. It allowed me the freedom to write with a bit more humor and is a nice break from the other sites. Writing about a variety of topics that aren’t necessarily related gives you a chance to refresh your writing that can be quite helpful when your motivation in one area is not at full peak.

Small Amounts Add Up: While $1000 a month is not something that would knock anyone’s socks off, when you add that to several other sites and blogs that are making the same amount or more and you can reach the six figure income. That is one of the secrets of how I have been able to build this income without being an A-list blogger. While I hope that one day one of the blogs reaches that status, and I still work toward that with all that I write, my income is not dependant upon a single blog making it for me to survive.

If you have multiple interests, consider creating blogs or sites that address each of these. It will mean a lot more time and dedication than working on a single blog, but as I have said before, to succeed is going to take a lot of hard work.

Image courtesy of sofashark