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High Energy Costs? Simple Ways to Conserve

The more you pay toward energy costs, the less money you have available for savings and fun activities. There is no way around energy costs, and unless you rely solely on solar power or candles, you can expect a monthly bill. Although you won’t be able to eliminate this expense altogether, there are a number of moves that you can make to significantly lower the amount you pay each month.

The first place to begin is with common sense approaches, such as keeping the lights off and turning down your thermostat, to help reduce your energy bills. But you can do much more than just this. For even greater savings, you need to employ a few other tricks.

Heating System

Get your heating system inspected. A professional heating company can check your system for problems and give your system a tune-up. This service runs about $50 to $100 a year and reduces your heating costs by five percent.


Make good use of your curtains. Keeping your drapes closed in the summer blocks the sun’s rays and helps cool your home. On the other hand, opening your drapes in the winter can provide extra warmth. Both approaches reduce how hard your air conditioning and heating system work. The less they work, the more you’ll save.


Turn off the television. The television can provide background sounds if you’re cleaning or home alone. But keeping your TV on for several hours a day will increase your electricity bill. If you’re not actually watching a program, turn off the television. For background noise, use a battery-powered radio or mp3 player.

Plant a Tree

This family-fun activity doesn’t only benefit the environment, it can also benefit your pocket. Position the tree close to your house, and as it grows, it’ll create a nice shaded area. This shade keeps your house cool and helps reduce how much you spend on energy each year.


Swap out your shower head. If you and your family members enjoy long showers, you’re probably paying more than necessary. Long showers take a lot of hot water, which can increase your energy bill. To reduce this expense, install a low-flow shower head. You’ll maintain your water pressure, but use less water. If everyone in the house limits their showers to five minutes, a family of four can save $250 a year.


Use small kitchen appliances. A large electric oven uses a lot of energy and increases the temperature inside your home. Switch up how you prepare meals to lower your energy costs. Rather than turn on the big oven every night, plan meals that only require use of the toaster oven or slow cooker. These smaller appliances use about 75% less energy.

Shop Energy Rates

You have options with regards to energy providers. For example, residents living in Texas can visit sites such as Texaselectricityproviders and compare rates. Similar websites are available for other states. Switching providers can provide long-term energy savings.

So, what will you do with your savings? Pad your bank account or make a few home improvements? Money is hard to come by these days, and generating extra income often takes creative thinking. Be smart with your energy use and you can increase your disposable income.

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