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Great Reasons To Buy An Eco Friendly Car

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By Danielle Warchol

There are more and more people debating whether or not they should purchase an eco friendly car as their next automobile. Most people have heard of eco friendly or hybrid cars, even though they’re still working their way into the mainstream car market. While most people have heard of them, many people still hesitate buying one because they’re not fully aware of all the benefits. The hybrid car market is quickly growing and there are a number of great reasons why these cars are becoming more and more popular. Here are a number of reason that you should consider buying an eco friendly car the next time you are in the market:

Fuel Efficiency

One of the best benefits of an eco friendly car is its fuel efficiency which is especially important since gas prices seem to hit new highs on a regular basis. Unfortunately, gas is a necessary expenditure when you own a car. An eco friendly car will help you save on gas money. Because it’s more fuel efficient, it means you’ll have to fill up your gas tank less than you would with a normal car. Fuel Economy estimates that driving a hybrid car will save you a couple hundred dollars a year in gas costs. Eco friendly cars generally get about 5 to 10 mpg more compared to their equivalent standard model.

Cheaper Car Insurance

Similar to government tax credits, some car insurance companies will offer you cheaper car insurance for driving an eco friendly car. Other than reducing your carbon footprint, discounted vehicle insurance is another huge benefit of driving an eco friendly car. These cheaper rates are often offered before other common discounts, as well. Some companies, such as Travelers Insurance, have their own hybrid car division, offering discounts that normal car drivers won’t receive.

Lower Emission Rates

In addition to being fuel efficient, eco friendly cars also produce less pollution. Because their engines are only burning gas part of the time, their emission rate is significantly lower than normal cars. This means that a hybrid car is emitting about 30% less carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the environment. This is one of the reasons why hybrid cars are favored by environmentally conscious people.

Less Toxic Batteries

Regular car batteries are often toxic and they’re often hard to dispose. If you’re considering an eco friendly car for environmental reasons over financial, you’ll be pleased to know that most hybrid cars have less toxic batteries. Eco friendly cars use NiMH batteries that are recyclable. Some auto companies or garages will also take these batteries and repurpose or reprocess them for use in future cars.

Less Maintenance Costs

While all cars need to go to the auto shop at some point, eco friendly cars are less likely to have problems. Because hybrid cars have a fuel efficient battery, there’s not as much pressure put on the engine. Normal cars’ heavy reliance on gasoline cause the engine to become worn down very quickly. An eco friendly car will help you to keep lower maintenance costs.

Easy to Recharge

Are you thinking of buying an electric car? Are you worried about the hassle or cost of recharging it each day? Well, don’t worry. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Most electric cars can be recharged right at home by using a 150V outlet. Of course, this might prove troublesome if you live in a city and don’t have regular access to an outlet or garage. If you do live somewhere with access to an outlet, recharging your car is pretty easy.


Some of the newest eco friendly cars on the market are made from sustainable and recycled materials. Before you worry, the cars still look sleek and traditional. It’s the interior that’s made from recycled material. Using sustainable materials means there will be fewer materials used from deforestation, hopefully cutting down on the practice. This also means that the material used to build the car is lighter, which cuts down on the amount of fuel needed to move the car.

Tax Incentives

Depending where you live, you receive a tax credit of up to $3,400 for driving an eco friendly car. While this is not the only reason to by an eco friendly car, it’s definitely a great perk. If you already own one, check out the federal and state laws and incentives for eco friendly vehicles. In addition to receiving a federal tax credit, some government institutions offer free parking or traveling reimbursement.

Cheaper Costs

When they first arrived on the market, eco friendly cars were more expensive than normal cars. However, in the past few years many auto companies such as Ford, Toyota, and Honda have released eco friendly cars that are actually cheaper than most of their normal cars. Since more and more people are eager to get eco friendly cars, it makes sense that they’d want to make their pricing as attractive and enticing as possible. If you’re deciding between a normal car and a hybrid car, think about comparing the overall costs. You might be surprised by how much money an eco friendly car will save you over the years.

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