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Five Ways TV Can Save Money Plus TV Giveaway

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Most financial articles in regard to Television usually write about how expensive it can be with explanations of ways that you can reduce the enormous cost of your cable TV bill. While it’s certainly true that many people waste far too much money on TV and probably should take steps to reduce the amount that they pay for their cable bill, that doesn’t mean that TV can’t be a great asset to help you save money as well. So while you are working to reduce the cost of your TV, don’t forget there are also ways that it can save you money. Here are five of those ways:

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If you’re the type of person who likes to watch to movies, TV may be a wonderful way to save some money. Ticket prices for movies tent to be quite expensive, especially if you are making going to the theater a family event where you usually buy beverages and food. Getting the family together around the TV and popping in a movie with some homemade popcorn and a couple of bottles of soda, can be a great way for the family to spend some time together without it costing a small fortune. TV allows you to watch movies, if you have a bit of patience, at a fraction of the price that it would cost to go to see them in the movie theater.


TV commercials aren’t usually thought about as money-saving opportunities, since the main purpose of them is to get you to spend your money. if, however, you’re in a situation where you already know that you’re going to spend money on something, commercials can help you save money on that purchase. If a commercial comes on that informs you about a better deal on the product or service that you were going to buy, TV lends an opportunity for you to save some money. For example, I recently needed to go and get the oil changed on my car. My local oil change usually charges $35, but I can reduce it to $29 with a coupon. I happened to be watching TV and a special offer for $19.95 was offered at a competing oil change company that included tire rotation as well. Of course, this only works for people who have the discipline to ignore the other commercials, but for those that can, there are certainly a number of opportunities to save money by being better informed of the deals that are out there.

Cheap Entertainment

When you look at the cost of most entertainment, TV can be an extremely inexpensive alternative. This is especially true if you pass on the expensive cable packages and limit your TV costs to basic cable or free broadcast TV only. Since the TV is already in your home, there are no transportation costs. There are no special tickets to buy or other admission costs. Food is much less expensive than what you would be able to purchase outside. All added together, TV can be one of the least expensive forms of entertainment around.


For the sports lover, TV can be a great bargain. It allows the sports fan to follow their team and watch games without having to buy season tickets, or even individual game tickets. It also lets people view large sporting events like the Olympics without having to travel to see them. For those who love sports, the TV is one of the best deals out there for them to get their sports entertainment fix for little money.


Mot people who harp about TV do so because of all the mindless crap that can be found as part of the programming. That isn’t the only type of programming that one can find. There is some top quality educational TV programs that allow you to learn skills, about places or history for very little cost. If you are willing to choose to watch quality program rather than what happens to be on, TV can be a great educational tool.

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