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Five Ways To Save Money on Concert Tickets

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By David Treehouse

I love going to concerts. I would love to go to many more if I could. Whether it’s to see the Black Keys or any other of my favorite groups, the problem is that ticket prices can be downright expensive. I don’t want to spend more money than I have to on the tickets because the less money I spend, the more concerts I can go to.

My first choice is to try to win the tickets on the radio so that I can go for free. They are usually the best tickets and it’s hard to beat paying nothing, but getting those are quite difficult, especially to popular concerts. I therefore have to come up with some other ways to save money when buying tickets. Here are a few strategies that I use:

Buy Presale

Some concerts have presale tickets that you can buy for a special price before tickets go on sale to the general public. Sometimes these deals are mentioned in the artist’s newsletter, though more often than not, they’ll be posted on one of their social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Keeping an eye out for these presale tickets can significantly lower the cost and get you much better seating than if you wait to buy them.

Buy Early

One of the issues I often have is waiting to buy tickets because a friend hasn’t decided if they want to go yet. I have found that it’s usually better to buy tickets early if I want to get the best price. The longer I wait, the more likely the less expensive tickets will be gone, which means that I’ll either be left paying significantly more than I wanted for the tickets or I won’t be able to afford the show at all.

Avoid Scalpers

Anyone who’s been to at least one concert has seen scalpers standing outside the venue trying to sell passerby tickets for a supposedly great deal. It’s rare that you’ll get a great deal, however. Most of these scalped tickets are in poor locations inside the venue and the ticket price is usually double what you would have originally paid.

Look For Last Minute Tickets

keep an eye open on sites like Craigslist for people who had planned to go to the concert, but for some reason weren’t able to go. They would rather get some money for the tickets than have them go to waste. Contacting them and offering a price that you can live with (even if it is less than they have listed) can often score you the tickets if they don’t think anyone else will buy.

Buy at the Box Office

Because there are so many online ticket sites, a lot of people forget that they can still buy tickets from the venue’s box office. If you’re located near the venue, it might be in your best interest to buy tickets there. They rarely charge fees and will instead charge you the face value of the tickets. If they do charge fees, they’re usually much lower than the fees you’ll find on ticket sites.

These are just a few of the ways that you can get tickets at a better price than if you purchase them like most people do. For those that really love to attend as many concerts as you can, it’s worthwhile finding ways to reduce the cost of tickets whenever possible.

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