Five Steps To Prepare For An Interview

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By David Treehouse

Going to an interview for a new job can be one of the most nerve racking exercises in the entire job search. When it comes to interviewing at a company, being as prepared as possible for your interview is vitally important. While you certainly won’t be able to anticipate every question that will come your way, there’s a lot of basic preparation that you can do to ensure that the interview goes as well as possible. Taking the time to do a few simple preparation exercises can help you immensely when you are actually doing the interview. Here are five simple steps to prepare yourself for a job interview:

Research the Company

Take the time to do some basic research about the company. Ask family and friends for any information that they may have about the company. Take the time to browse through recent news about the company to see what they are working on, what awards they may have recently acquired, and where their businesses is heading. If you happen to know somebody that works at the company, set up some time where you can sit down and talk about what the company is doing and what the culture at the company is like. The more familiar you are with the company’s basics, the more confident and relaxed you will be when you are talking about it in the interview.

Prepare Questions for the Interviewer

When you are in the interview, there will undoubtedly be opportunities where you are given the chance to ask questions. The questions that you ask can be just as important, if not more so, than the questions that the interviewer asks you. Asking quality questions about the job that you are interviewing for shows that you have taken the time to think, consider, and evaluate the position you are interviewing for. By asking quality questions, it shows that you have put more thought into the position than the average interviewee has when it comes to preparing for your job interview.

Review the Job Skill Needed

It’s vitally important to know what skills are essential for the job you are interviewing for. The company wants you because there is a certain skill set that they currently need. Having a full understanding of what these skills are allows you to focus on them during the interview. It gives you the opportunity to show that you understand what their needs are and how you can fill those needs.

Pinpoint Examples Where You Have Expertise in Those Skills

Just as it’s important to know what skills are needed for the job, it’s also important to take the time to pinpoint how your previous work experience and education fills those skill needs. Perhaps you are looking to become a nurse. Mention that you have not only been working in the field for a few years but that you transitioned from an RN to BSN. By thinking through what you have done in the past can apply to the new position you are interviewing for, you will have confident answers to show how you can help the company, and how your skill sets complement what they are looking for in a new hire.

Prepare for Common Interview Questions

There are a set of common questions that many job interviewers will ask. While there is no guarantee that these questions will be asked of you during any one specific interview, coming up with confident answers and well thought out answers to common interview questions will increase your chances of landing a job that much more. Having answers to these questions shows that you have prepared for the interview and are confident in the answers that you give. Not preparing for common questions leaves you open to situations where you don’t have a good answer whihc could very well decrease your value to the company in the eyes of the interviewer.

By taking the time to do some simple preparation before you do a job interview, you can greatly increase the chances of you actually getting the job that you want. Just as you will have to work at and prepair for any job that you have to do, you should approach your interview in a similar fashion. By taking the time to be well prepared in the areas that are likely to come up during the interview, you will greatly increase your chances of landing the job of your dreams.

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