Cool Dollar Origami

These origami are just too cool:

#10 The Dollar Bill Squid:

dollar bill squid
caliban23_ [flickr]

#9 The Dollar Bill Bunny:

Dollar Bill Bunny
inq314 [flickr]

#8 The Dollar Bill Starship Enterprise

dollar bill starship enterprise
bkwebb [flickr]

#7 The Dollar Bill Shark:

dollar bill shark
kratzmark [flickr]

#6 The Dollar Bill Rhino:

dollar bill rhino
kratzmark [flickr]

#5 The Dollar Bill Cat:

dollar bill cat
Yaroslav Grechuh [flickr]

#4 The Dollar Bill Yoda:

bkwebb [flickr]

#3 Dollar Bill Cobra:

dollar bill cobra
The Wordsmith from Nantucket [flickr]

#2 The Dollar Bill Kawasaki Rose:

dollar bill rose
The Wordsmith from Nantucket [flickr]

#1 The Dollar Bill Guitarist:

dollar bill guitarist
Phillip West [flickr]

56 thoughts on “Cool Dollar Origami

  1. Impressive. Do you know of where I can find the instructions for folding the guitar player?


  2. I am a dollar bill folder. I belong to Origami USA ( Most of the books that detail money folds can be found on their website. Some are available at and amazon .com Search for money origami. Some diagrams are availble on the web. The dollar bill guitarist is by Mark Kirschenbaum (I have done it a few times) and it is in his book Paper In Harmony.

    On my photo website looking in the $ album you can see stuff I have folded.

  3. I used to be a waitress. I have my dollar bill origami proudly displayed on a shelf, nearly 10 years after I received it. I only destroyed them if I was really broke. JJ

  4. They all are fabulous, but being a cat person, with a cat website, I just love the cat!! it is beatiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. This site is great–amazing stuff, but I sure wish you had the folding instructions right on the site, as I can’t make it to wherever your tutorials are!

  6. These origamis r SO cool! plz send me how to do these cuz i REALLY wanna try them. o and i have a question. my question is where or even how u got the ideas of these origamis and how u found out how to do them.

  7. Is it possible to order some of these from you? I am looking for something fun to send to my son whose 21st birthday is coming up. I am a complete crafts clutz, but I love these whimsical forms!


  8. Please tell where i can find or buy instructions on how to fold the dollar bill flapping wings bird also the dollar bill guitar Thank you Don

  9. I have to do some entertaining of elderly people and wondered if you have the instructions for folding the dollar to make the twin towers?

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