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Affordable Summer Fun Activities For Your Family

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Summer 2012 has finally arrived at long last. Your kids must be ecstatic as they can enjoy three months of fun in the sun without having to worry about school or homework. The summertime usually means vacations and road trips for families to enjoy. This is important in that it allows families to relax and enjoy quality bonding time together. However, given the current economic climate in the country, your family may have to skip out on that extravagant summer vacation or even cut back on those family road trips. These pleasures may simply be too expensive this summer.

Luckily, there are plenty of great affordable summer fun activities your family can enjoy together. Not only will your family enjoy great bonding time together and create precious memories, your family will learn that it is not necessary to spend lavishly to have an enjoyable time. Let’s take a look at some excellent family activity ideas for this summer…

Consider a Staycation

If your family cannot enjoy an extravagant vacation this summer, everyone can still enjoy an excellent “staycation,” a vacation that is spent at home or somewhere nearby. You should research resorts and hotels in your area that offer family staycation packages. Compare different packages and their prices and decide which one would be best for your family. If your family enjoys swimming or mini golfing, find packages that include opportunities for these activities. While staycation packages will cost you, you will save a great deal of money by skipping out on that lavish vacation this summer.

Backyard Camping

Camping truly is a classic summertime activity that your family can enjoy without having to break the bank. You can organize a backyard camping experience for your kids that is packed with games, treats, s’mores, grilled cheese sandwiches and other goodies. Let your kids invite their friends over for an exciting night of storytelling.

Family Camp Opportunities

The YMCA has some outstanding summer camps, exercise and swimming lessons available for the entire family at very affordable prices. The Bear Island Family Camp, for example, is a nine-day summer camp with beautiful Bear Island, Lake Winnipesaukee as the backdrop. Families can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches and have access to playing fields, a recreational lodge and serene walking trails.

Theme Parks and Water Parks

Theme parks and water parks have special family discounts during the summer that you can take advantage of. Your entire family can enjoy a day packed with roller coasters, amusement rides, games and splashes.

Build a Tree House

One of my favorite summer family activities of all-time growing up as a child was constructing a tree house in our backyard. If your backyard has strong and mature trees, it may be possible for you to design and construct a tree house as part of an affordable and exciting family bonding project. The best types of trees to consider are oaks and maples, which tend to be thick and sturdy. Your kids can have adventures with their friends all summer long in this new tree house. You can enjoy the tree house as well by having romantic nights in it with your significant other.

Summertime fun for the family does not have to be expensive or break the bank. These activities can be done on a budget and will bring your entire family together in a fun and exciting way.

Brenda Daniels is a proud wife and mother of 4 children, web content coordinator for BabyChangingStation. Brenda is looking forward to summertime fun with her family.

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  1. There are many things which family members can do outdoors which are fun and which can involve everyone. Something which adults and children can enjoy might be racquet type sports. This can include tennis or badminton. If there are four family members who enjoy these sports, you can have a great doubles match. It’s fun and great exercise.;^

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