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7 Tips To Pay Off Your Home Faster

Society generally praises home ownership as a solid indicator of being successful in your life. So why is it that it’s also generally agreed upon that it should take over 20 years to actually finish paying it off and generally 30 years at a minimum?

The fact is, the amount we owe on our homes is so large that it just feels impossible to make paying it off a priority. But it is possible to pay off your home much faster than you ever thought possible if you are willing to put a little effort into it and not automatically go for conventional wisdom when purchasing a home. Some of these tips are math-related and some are behavioral. Together they’ll show you how focus, strategy, and dedication will allow you to truly own your home much faster than you ever thought possible.

Buy Less House

Our brains have a hard time dealing with large numbers, and house prices have a way of really messing with us. If you

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