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50 Things You Don’t Need and $999.99 Giveaway

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When it comes to what we truly need, the list is actually pretty short. Sure, almost everybody makes a lot of excuses why they “need” something, but in reality most of the things that you own are nothing more than a convenience, and rarely are they a true need. How do I know this? Because people survived without the vast majority of the things that you claim you need for thousands of years.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be able to have these things if you can afford them. You should. It’s simply to point out that you should also acknowledge them for what they really are: wants and not needs. This is important because not understanding the difference between the two is what causes a lot of people to have money problems. Here are fifty things that you may have or have done, but don’t need or need to do:

1. Cell Phone
2. Music Player
3. Washing Machine
4. Dryer
5. TV
6. DVD Player
7. Computer Game Console
8. Calculator
9. Watch
10. Designer Goods
11. Multiple pairs of shoes
12. Exercise Equipment
13. Car
14. Jewelry
15. Headphones
16. Books
17. Air Conditioner
18. Credit Card
19. Collectibles
20. Musical Instrument
21. Bottled Water
22. Energy Drinks
23. Cigarettes
24. Alcohol
25. Antiques
26. Snow Blower
27. Shop Vac
28. Landscaping
29. Toys & Games
30. Coffee
31. Vacations
32. Dining Out
33. Watching Movies
34. Concerts
35. Microwave
36. Toaster
37. Filtered Water
38. Garden
39. Dishwasher
40. Magazines
41. Newspaper
42. Bike
43. Pool
44. Timeshare
45. Vacation Home
46. Camera
47. RV
48. Boat
49. Garage Door Opener
50. Ice-Cream

That is just a short list off the top of my head that took 15 minutes to write down. Now, many of the above are useful and worth having (especially ice-cream) if you have the money to afford them. Some are small conveniences while others are big, but for the vast majority of people, none of them are needs. In fact, more than 90% of the things you own are likely not a needed. By taking the time to understand that you could live without any of the above (it’s a great exercise to figure out how you would manage if you didn’t have any of that stuff). you place yourself on a position of rarely having money problems.

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