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5 Ways to Hack Your Energy Bills

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With the change of seasons and the weather turning colder, energy bills are likely to get more expensive as the heater needs to be used more and more. While it’s inevitable that you will need to use your heater during the winter months, the cost of doing so doesn’t have to leave you in the poorhouse. Nobody likes to needlessly waste money, but that is often what happens when easily fixable projects are delayed just don’t get done. There are a number of simple steps that anyone can take to help reduce the amount that’s spent on energy or they can consult the Energy Helpline . Here a five ways that you can hack your energy bill this winter to keep it as low as possible:

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Close Your Vents

If you have vents in your house, you better close them before you turn on the heat. This is something that people often forget to do. After all, sometimes we’re so busy during the year, that the simplest things slip our minds. Open vents circulate cold air in the summer, but they’ll also circulate air year round if they’re open. Having them open while you heat your house means that cold air is seeping into your heated rooms, driving up heating costs.

Use Ceiling Fans

Before you protest, ceiling fans aren’t only used for warmer weather. Hot air tends to rise and get trapped by the ceiling, which is unfortunate since it means you’re probably raising the temperature to keep the rest of the room warm. If you turn on your ceiling fan in reverse, or clockwise, will help push the warm air down to heat up the rest of the room.

Space Heaters

As an above tip stated, there’s no need to heat every room in the house, especially when you’re sleeping or not there. If you’re not comfortable layering on the blankets while you sleep, consider turning down the thermostat and plugging in a space heater. This will cut your heating bill by about 6 to 8 hours a day, which is a lot of you consider that it means you won’t be paying for 180 to 240 hours of heat a day.

Check Air Filters and Furnace Efficiency

Many of us probably don’t think twice about checking the status of our furnace or cleaning out air filters. But changing your air filters and checking your furnace each year will help make sure that everything is running efficiently. Sometimes the biggest reason for a high heating bill is because the furnace is old or the air filter is clogged, causing the system to work overtime to heat your house.

Room Insulation

One of the easiest ways to waste energy and money is by having doors and windows with poor insulation. When this happens, all that air that has been warmed to make the house feel cozy quickly escapes through the gaps forcing the heater to work harder and expend more energy. Make sure that all your doors and windows are tightly sealed so that no air is slipping through. If there’s cold air, your heater is going to have to work harder to warm up the room, costing you more money.

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