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15 Great Gift Ideas for Under $5

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We know what you’re thinking…gifts for under $5? Yes! You don’t need to spend a fortune to give meaningful gifts, and a $5 gift doesn’t have to be “cheap.” Here are 15 gift ideas that are all under five bucks:

A small gift basket: You can find pretty baskets at any dollar store for as low as $1. Fill the basket with a box of tea and a festive mug, or a few dollars worth of Christmas candies and cookies. If it’s a gift for a child, you can create a cute basket with little toys and stickers.

Christmas books: You can find holiday classics like A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens for as low as $1, either online at stores like Amazon, or at your local bookstore. You can write a nice message to the recipient in the front cover of the book.

Holiday ornaments: This is a memorable gift that can be used year after year. You can find boxed ornaments for under $5 at department stores and arts and crafts stores.

Small photo albums: Buy a small photo album at a drugstore or craft store and fill it with memorable pictures of you and your friend or family member.

Candles: Most stores carry candles for under $5. Look for holiday scents like gingerbread, pine and vanilla.

Cookie ingredients: Know someone who loves to bake? Fill a glass jar with all the dry ingredients needed to make cookies. Write out the recipe and attach it to the lid with a red or green ribbon.

Movie night basket: You can find DVDs on sale for $2 or $3 at many department stores. Lots of brick-and-mortar video stores are going out of business, and have huge clearance sales before they close. Include a bag of microwave popcorn and tie together with a colorful ribbon.

Puzzles: Puzzles are fun for every age group and are ideal for family game nights.

Key chains: These come in all shapes and sizes. Whether the recipient is into Star Wars or cats, you can find a cute key chain at dollar stores, costume jewelry stores and souvenir stores.

Guest soaps: Many people display guest soaps in their bathrooms. Wrap in colored cellophane or tie together with a ribbon.

Coloring book and crayons: Kids love to color! Buy a coloring book or tablet of construction paper and a pack of crayons at the dollar store for a few bucks.

Cheese spreaders: These are nice for holiday parties and cost around $2 at many shops.

Potpourri: Potpourri is perfect for any room of the home, and is available at any arts and crafts store, dollar store or department store.

Dress socks: These look more expensive than they are. Pick up a pair or two for the businessperson in your life!

Fast food gift card: All the large fast food chains have gift cards or coupon books. These make a good gift for kids or parents who are always on the go.

We hope our holiday gift guide helps you find budget-friendly items your friends and family will love!

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