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10 Way to Make Money with Your Camera

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If you enjoy photography, you know that it can be an expensive hobby. That doesn’t mean that you need to pay a fortune to take part in it. There are a number of ways that you can take the time that you spend on photography and turn it into a way to generate money. While this will take both time and effort, it can defray some of the costs of the hobby that you love. Even better, as you improve your photography, it can even turn into a way to generate a side income or flourish into a full-time job. Instead of simply looking at photography as a hobby that drains your pockets, switch your thinking a bit to figure out ways it might actually help your bottom line. Here are 10 ways that you can make money with your camera:

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Sell Your Photos as Prints

Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, there are plenty of ways to make money with your photography skills. For instance, if you take high quality photos you can always try to sell them as prints. There are plenty of websites or businesses out there dedicated toward helping photographers sell their photographs as prints. If you’re interested in selling your pictures as prints websites such as Red Bubble, ImageKind, and Picasso Mio allow you to upload your images and offer you a percentage of the profits if someone decides to buy them.

Stock Photography

You can also try selling any of your high quality photos as stock images. Stock images are used for a variety of reasons such as advertisements, book photos, or company logos. While many stock image companies tend to have high standards, it’s worth your while to upload your pictures to such sites as Getty Images or iStockPhoto and see if anyone wants to buy them.

Take Pictures for a Local Paper

You can also contact your local newspaper and see if they’re in need of someone to take pictures. For instance, they might need someone to cover local events such as elections, town halls, or other big functions. Or they might want someone to add photographs of local sites and people. You might not end up making a lot of money taking random pictures for a local paper, but it’s a good way to get a portfolio started.

Be a Wedding or Birthday Photographer

Photographers are a staple at many weddings, birthday parties, reunions, or other big family events. Unfortunately, there are a lot of in-demand photographers that are either too busy to attend every event or too expensive for some people’s budgets. If you have friends who are getting married or who want to enjoy their children’s parties without being pulled away to take pictures, offer up your services and take pictures for their event.

Be an Event Photographer

Have you ever attended a sports game or a graduation ceremony and spent so much time trying to get the best possible picture that you almost missed what was actually happening? Why not let the people attending the game or event enjoy the proceedings while you stick to taking pictures?

Real Estate Photos

Real estate agencies tend to have a lot of apartments or houses that they’re trying to rent or sell. Have you ever looked at real estate listings only to find that there are no pictures of the advertised apartment or house? Sometimes real estate agents don’t have enough time or resources to take extensive pictures of their properties. Consider asking if they need someone to talk pictures for them for a small fee. If they agree, you can provide them with a couple of sample pictures or decide whether to be paid per picture or per project.

Inventory Photos

A lot of businesses also require someone to take inventory pictures. For instance, large auction houses sometimes need people to photograph and catalogue all the items they have up for bid. Some consignment shops also need people to take pictures of the new items they receive. As with real estate photos, taking inventory photographs is a great way to build a portfolio and to get a local business to pay you for your photography skills. Additionally, a lot of businesses that have an overwhelming need for inventory photographs aren’t looking for top of the line photos, so this is a great way for amateur photographers to make some money.

Teach a Class

If you have excellent photography skills, consider teaching a class at a local recreation center, for middle school or high school kids, or for anyone interested in picking up the course as a hobby. If you studied photography in school, you might even be able to teach a course at a local college or university.

Sell Photo Specialty Items

You’ve probably seen those mugs with personal photographs plastered on the side or computer mouse pads depicting a picture from a family vacation. Some people love these types of specialty items and you can make decent money by opening up your own shop. Sites like Caf

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  1. Great ideas. I know a few people who have made a nice side income from photography. One turned her hobby into a professional business; others do some freelance work and sell prints and stock images. Using your skills is a great way to add to your income or save for something special.

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