Searching For Auto Insurance Coverage Following Natural Disasters

When natural disasters unexpectedly strike, victims pay hefty prices for living through the ordeal. As victims turn their thoughts towards recovering from the ordeals, their thoughts at one point or another eventually reach the question – will insurance cover the damages? Residents in Colorado are asking these questions now after an unprecedented amount of floodwater flowed down from the Rocky Mountains, damaging roads, bridges, and in some cases entire villages. The recovery will be a long road for many state … Continue reading

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15 Great Gift Ideas for Under $5

We know what you’re thinking…gifts for under $5? Yes! You don’t need to spend a fortune to give meaningful gifts, and a $5 gift doesn’t have to be “cheap.” Here are 15 gift ideas that are all under five bucks: A small gift basket: You can find pretty baskets at any dollar store for as low as $1. Fill the basket with a box of tea and a festive mug, or a few dollars worth of Christmas candies and cookies. … Continue reading

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10 Advantages of Binary Options Trading

The world of finance offers many different avenues for you to invest and spend your money. In the financial world, an option is a type of contract that gives the buyer or owner the right to sell or buy an asset at a specific price. A binary option is an option where the end result is either a fixed amount of an asset or nothing at all. This means that the main types of binary options are cash-or-nothing or asset-or-nothing. … Continue reading

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Most Inventive Business Cards

Business cards are a pre-requisite for many people. They are handed out in meetings, at conferences and every time a potential contact is made at a fair or event. In a competitive business market, why do so many of us stick with a boring white rectangle of card to advertise ourselves and our services? Especially when there are plenty of more exciting options out there. Instantprint are a print company that specialize in areas such as business cards. They will … Continue reading

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Five Different Types of Mortgages

When it comes to buying a house, a lot of people are surprised to find out that there are a variety of different mortgages that are available depending on your needs and wants. If you have good credit, you can pick and choose which type of mortgage is best for you. If your credit is not stellar, you may be limited in the type of mortgage that you qualify for. It’s important to understand the different types of mortgages that … Continue reading

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The Power of Temporary and Forever Cash

By Jack Bosch, author of Forever Cash What if you are already making great money but are wasting it on things that will not get you ahead in life? Would you now consider cutting some expenses and rearranging your life to get there faster? I bet you would. Here’s a test: would you rather have a large house, a second home in the mountains (or at the lake, or at the beach), and a beautiful boat now – even though … Continue reading

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Money Saving Tips for Car Owners

Keeping your car in great shape can improve its lifespan and eventual resale value. You don’t need to spend thousands each year at the mechanic’s shop to accomplish this. In fact, just a little bit of preventive care can go a long way to help your car live a longer life. Many of the steps are simple maintenance issues which can be done with only the most basic automotive knowledge. Solving small problems as they arise can prevent a major … Continue reading

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Being Car Brand Loyal Can Cost You Money

When it comes to buying a new car, one of the financial aspects that is rarely considered is the buyer’s brand loyalty. while those who have brand loyalty to a certain auto manufacturer do so for a variety of reasons, being brand loyal when it comes to car purchases can end up costing you quite a bit of money over your lifetime. Part of this reason is because there has been a great amount of change when it comes to … Continue reading

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Simple Ways to Lower Car Insurance Bills

When you are calculating the cost of car ownership, it’s important not to forget the toll that car insurance premiums can take. Next to petrol and maintenance, this ranks as one of the major expenses that you will need to pay over time. Part of what makes insurance unique is that it won’t be the same for everybody, and the price will vary quite a bit between drivers. Depending on your life circumstances and the type of car you drive, … Continue reading

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