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Part Time Jobs With Working Mums

Part-time jobs are a popular option for mums who wish to continue working. There are a number of reasons for this. One of the most important is that it means still being able to spend time with children. While a part-time job will require a time commitment, it’s usually far less than a typical full-time job allowing mums to spend more time with their children and families than they could working full time. Another important factor is that part-time work … Continue reading

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Five Steps To Prepare For An Interview

By David Treehouse Going to an interview for a new job can be one of the most nerve racking exercises in the entire job search. When it comes to interviewing at a company, being as prepared as possible for your interview is vitally important. While you certainly won’t be able to anticipate every question that will come your way, there’s a lot of basic preparation that you can do to ensure that the interview goes as well as possible. Taking … Continue reading

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Digital Nomad

It surprises most people who meet me for the first to find out that I’m homeless. I assume that the main reason for the surprise is that I don’t look like what most people would imagine a homeless person to look like. While I am homeless, I don’t live on the streets — I conscientiously choose not to have a home. The truth is that it wouldn’t be an issue for me to purchase a home or rent an apartment … Continue reading

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