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Managing an Irregular Stream of Income

One of the most stressful aspects of running your own small business can be having to manage an income that is not consistent. It doesn’t matter if it is the economy, weather, seasons changing, or even just serendipity, you can easily go from famine one month to feast the next and vice versa. How do you deal with this? Here are a few strategies that can assist you in staying afloat in this choppy financial sea. Payday Loan Alternatives This … Continue reading

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Buy This, Not That: 10 Things You Are Wasting Money On

For a lot of people, generic equals inferior. In the past, generic brand products were packaged in white wrapping with black lettering which was a stark contrast to the bright, colorful packaging that sheathed most name brand products. Perhaps this is why generic brands are often still thought of as inferior. The thing is, generic products of today aren’t what they were 20 years ago. While in some cases the name brand really is better, going generic can save you … Continue reading

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The Psychological Benefits of Having Life Insurance

When people talk about life insurance, they usually focus on the practical side of purchasing it. This is certainly an important aspect, and everyone should take into account the practical benefits that come with having life insurance. These include such things as providing needed income, covering medical and funeral expenses, and paying for debts and taxes. What people often fail to take into account is that in addition to practical benefits, there are also a number of psychological benefits that … Continue reading

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Things to Do After Winning the Lottery

You can’t believe what has just happened. You’ve pinched yourself to make sure it is real and you aren’t dreaming. You read the numbers half a dozen times just to make sure that you’re not going crazy. After a few minutes of hyperventilating, you suddenly realize that it is true. You really did just win the lottery. If you are like most people, this is likely a once in a lifetime event and something that you hadn’t planned on happening. … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Hack Your Energy Bills

With the change of seasons and the weather turning colder, energy bills are likely to get more expensive as the heater needs to be used more and more. While it’s inevitable that you will need to use your heater during the winter months, the cost of doing so doesn’t have to leave you in the poorhouse. Nobody likes to needlessly waste money, but that is often what happens when easily fixable projects are delayed just don’t get done. There are … Continue reading

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Unusual Alternative Uses for Credit Cards

It’s pretty easy to understand why people get a credit card in the first place. Usually it’s for the simple reason that they want to obtain the benefit of rewards that the card offers. It could also be as simple as they want a convenient way to pay without having to carry cash around with them every where they go. But those aren’t the only ways that you can use a these. What do you do when your credit card … Continue reading

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Searching For Auto Insurance Coverage Following Natural Disasters

When natural disasters unexpectedly strike, victims pay hefty prices for living through the ordeal. As victims turn their thoughts towards recovering from the ordeals, their thoughts at one point or another eventually reach the question – will insurance cover the damages? Residents in Colorado are asking these questions now after an unprecedented amount of floodwater flowed down from the Rocky Mountains, damaging roads, bridges, and in some cases entire villages. The recovery will be a long road for many state … Continue reading

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15 Great Gift Ideas for Under $5

We know what you’re thinking…gifts for under $5? Yes! You don’t need to spend a fortune to give meaningful gifts, and a $5 gift doesn’t have to be “cheap.” Here are 15 gift ideas that are all under five bucks: A small gift basket: You can find pretty baskets at any dollar store for as low as $1. Fill the basket with a box of tea and a festive mug, or a few dollars worth of Christmas candies and cookies. … Continue reading

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10 Advantages of Binary Options Trading

The world of finance offers many different avenues for you to invest and spend your money. In the financial world, an option is a type of contract that gives the buyer or owner the right to sell or buy an asset at a specific price. A binary option is an option where the end result is either a fixed amount of an asset or nothing at all. This means that the main types of binary options are cash-or-nothing or asset-or-nothing. … Continue reading

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Five Different Types of Mortgages

When it comes to buying a house, a lot of people are surprised to find out that there are a variety of different mortgages that are available depending on your needs and wants. If you have good credit, you can pick and choose which type of mortgage is best for you. If your credit is not stellar, you may be limited in the type of mortgage that you qualify for. It’s important to understand the different types of mortgages that … Continue reading

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