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Travel with Your Customers: The Many Benefits of eCommerce

The business model that utilizes online methods of reaching out to customers and completing transactions is called eCommerce. By using eCommerce, you can make customer satisfaction, integration, and reviews much more achievable. And by using personalized methods of reaching out to customers, such as social media articles, promotions for special members, and long-standing clients, sellers can establish a strong following that has more attachment to the general product or services. Websites can serve as an emotional facet of the company’s … Continue reading

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The Power of Temporary and Forever Cash

By Jack Bosch, author of Forever Cash What if you are already making great money but are wasting it on things that will not get you ahead in life? Would you now consider cutting some expenses and rearranging your life to get there faster? I bet you would. Here’s a test: would you rather have a large house, a second home in the mountains (or at the lake, or at the beach), and a beautiful boat now – even though … Continue reading

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10 Way to Make Money with Your Camera

If you enjoy photography, you know that it can be an expensive hobby. That doesn’t mean that you need to pay a fortune to take part in it. There are a number of ways that you can take the time that you spend on photography and turn it into a way to generate money. While this will take both time and effort, it can defray some of the costs of the hobby that you love. Even better, as you improve … Continue reading

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6 Entrepreneurs That Never Finished High School

Although many people have succeeded in making their mark in a number of fields without the support of a university education, there are, of course, many more who haven’t. If you have the opportunity of gaining a formal education, go for it by all means, as it will give you a leg up the corporate ladder but if you are intelligent and focused you can soon overcome your initial disadvantage of having limited formal schooling. It is often said that … Continue reading

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Effective Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Marketing is all about value

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Nine Money-Saving Companies

By Emilie McDonough “We are facing a revolution in the way we think about ownership,” according to Rachel Botsman, author of the influential book What’s Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption. We currently live in an ownership society. The majority of Americans have a car (or two or three) in the driveway, a garage full of tools, and a closet stuffed with clothes. It is expensive to buy, insure, maintain a fleet of things, and with the rise … Continue reading

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