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Why You Really, Really Do Need Travel Insurance

If the cost of traveling simply was the cost of getting from point A to point B, a lot more people would do it a lot more often. The reality is travel includes a lot of other costs beyond getting to your destination such as accommodation, car rental, meals, activities and the rest. When you start adding the cost of all this all up, it’s usually expensive enough without having to worry about paying for travel insurance as well. This … Continue reading

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The Psychological Benefits of Having Life Insurance

When people talk about life insurance, they usually focus on the practical side of purchasing it. This is certainly an important aspect, and everyone should take into account the practical benefits that come with having life insurance. These include such things as providing needed income, covering medical and funeral expenses, and paying for debts and taxes. What people often fail to take into account is that in addition to practical benefits, there are also a number of psychological benefits that … Continue reading

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Things to Do After Winning the Lottery

You can’t believe what has just happened. You’ve pinched yourself to make sure it is real and you aren’t dreaming. You read the numbers half a dozen times just to make sure that you’re not going crazy. After a few minutes of hyperventilating, you suddenly realize that it is true. You really did just win the lottery. If you are like most people, this is likely a once in a lifetime event and something that you hadn’t planned on happening. … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Hack Your Energy Bills

With the change of seasons and the weather turning colder, energy bills are likely to get more expensive as the heater needs to be used more and more. While it’s inevitable that you will need to use your heater during the winter months, the cost of doing so doesn’t have to leave you in the poorhouse. Nobody likes to needlessly waste money, but that is often what happens when easily fixable projects are delayed just don’t get done. There are … Continue reading

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Unusual Alternative Uses for Credit Cards

It’s pretty easy to understand why people get a credit card in the first place. Usually it’s for the simple reason that they want to obtain the benefit of rewards that the card offers. It could also be as simple as they want a convenient way to pay without having to carry cash around with them every where they go. But those aren’t the only ways that you can use a these. What do you do when your credit card … Continue reading

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