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7 Ways to Reduce Credit Card Debt and Control Spending

By Jason Larkins Owning credit cards is a good way to build a credit history and enjoy convenient payment options. However, this convenience comes with some risks. It’s often tempting to whip out these cards on a whim when something strikes our fancy — especially when it’s something we can’t afford if we had to pay for it in CASH. Therefore, to ensure you don’t approach your own “fiscal cliff”, it’s important to control how and why you spend. Here … Continue reading

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7 Tips To Pay Off Your Home Faster

Society generally praises home ownership as a solid indicator of being successful in your life. So why is it that it’s also generally agreed upon that it should take over 20 years to actually finish paying it off and generally 30 years at a minimum? The fact is, the amount we owe on our homes is so large that it just feels impossible to make paying it off a priority. But it is possible to pay off your home much … Continue reading

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Lump Sum Payment vs Yearly Payments + $1000 Giveaway

A question that I have been asked on more than a few occasions is whether it’s better to take the lump sum payment or the yearly payment annuity if you happen to win the lottery. This is really a mute point for me since I don’t play the lottery, but it’s still an interesting question to ponder. One would think that the answer to this question would be quite easy, but the reality is that due to a number of … Continue reading

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Timeshares Suck

If you want a great piece of financial advice that will save you thousands of dollars, one of the best is to never purchase a timeshare. While timeshares sound quite appealing, especially when you are at the resort and listening to the timeshare sales agent, the reality is that they come with so many risks and hidden traps that you will rarely come out of owning a timeshare with even half the money you invested into it. Your best bet … Continue reading

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