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We Could All Edit A Bit More

If you want to get a bit more happiness out of life, maybe what you really need is a bit less stuff. While you certainly aren’t going to edit down your life as much as Graham Hill has done, the truth is that you probably have a lot more in your life than you really need and all that extra stuff is holding you back. With the New Year fast approaching, maybe one of those New Year’s resolutions should be … Continue reading

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6 Entrepreneurs That Never Finished High School

Although many people have succeeded in making their mark in a number of fields without the support of a university education, there are, of course, many more who haven’t. If you have the opportunity of gaining a formal education, go for it by all means, as it will give you a leg up the corporate ladder but if you are intelligent and focused you can soon overcome your initial disadvantage of having limited formal schooling. It is often said that … Continue reading

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The Cons of Holiday Shopping Online

Online shopping has been a low cost and easy option for shopping. With the growing popularity of holiday shopping online, retailers have even launched Cyber Monday to compliment the Black Friday sales day. However, is it really cheaper and easier to shop online? There is no doubt that shopping online in the comfort of your home is much easier than going to the store, fighting the crowds and hoping they have what you are looking for. In the past, it … Continue reading

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Things To Consider After Inheriting A Property Or Land

A death in the family is never a pleasant experience for anyone and it can throw a number of unexpected issues in your direction. There are a lot of issues which will undoubtedly arise and which will need to be dealt with when this happens. Many of these are things that most people never think about before hand, but then the issue is thrust upon you when the unfortunate happens. One issue that can arise is having to make a … Continue reading

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