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Great Reasons To Buy An Eco Friendly Car

By Danielle Warchol There are more and more people debating whether or not they should purchase an eco friendly car as their next automobile. Most people have heard of eco friendly or hybrid cars, even though they’re still working their way into the mainstream car market. While most people have heard of them, many people still hesitate buying one because they’re not fully aware of all the benefits. The hybrid car market is quickly growing and there are a number … Continue reading

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Gold Investment & The Dollar

By Elisabeth Powell Over the course of the last several years, the economy has been relatively turbulent and unpredictable, as well as, on the whole, weak. The U.S. economy has been experiencing difficulties on just about every level, with the result that people are struggling with their investments and the dollar has become less reliable than it once was. Because of these facts over the last few years, it is easy to understand why many people turned to alternative investments … Continue reading

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Is There Such A Thing As Bad Debt?

By Steven Lee The word ‘debt’ is enough to make some people quiver with fear, but is it really that bad? After all debt has been around for thousands of years because people have always wanted or needed things they cannot afford to pay for in full at the time. Even back in the days when people traded with livestock rather than money, a system of credit existed. Many people consider all debt to be bad but fail to realise … Continue reading

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Buying A New Car: The Legal Requirements

If you’re buying a new car you might think it will be daunting trying to make sure you’ve fulfilled all your legal obligations and have all the correct paperwork in order. While there are plenty of legal requirements that you need to be aware of when you purchase a new car, the entire process doesn’t have to be nearly as daunting as you might imagine it to be. This guide tries to make it as simple as possible for you … Continue reading

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