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5 Ways To Protect Your Identity For Free

Everyone is on the lookout for identity thieves these days and worried about monitoring their information as well. Some people spent hundreds of dollars a month to have a company monitor their information and their credit, but what if you don’t have extra money to spend? Well, there are some free ways that you can easily monitor your identity to be sure that no one has swiped it and is using your name and information. Keep Up With Your Credit … Continue reading

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10 Things Banks Should Apologize For

By Dan Simon Confidence in banks is at an all-time low. That’s not surprising given the awful financial situation at the moment and a constant stream of bad press. While simply saying ‘sorry’ might not be enough to completely change the public perception of banks and bankers or undo the damage, it would be a good start. These are ten things that banks should definitely apologize for – have they? For their awful customer service Ever had a bad experience … Continue reading

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Debt Management and Financial Responsibility

By Sam Peters Ever since the financial meltdown that began in 2008, the role of debt management has become an increasingly important part of financial responsibility. Bankruptcy has become increasingly common and the amount of national resources dedicated to debt recovery has exploded. At the center of each of these topics is the mindset of the borrower and his or her attitude toward how one should treat the repayment of debt. The Classic View As recently as a generation ago, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Understanding Your Bank Charges

Keeping on top of your finances is often easier said than done. With mortgage payments, utility bills, credit cards, car insurance, council tax and more, all being paid by direct debit every month, it can be difficult to keep on top of all your outgoings. If you let the ball drop and overspend even slightly, you could find yourself in your overdraught or even worse, over your overdraught limit. It is imperative you understand what fees your bank charges or … Continue reading

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