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Tax Time Saving Tips

by Denisse Dubrovsky Tax season is here. Here are some tax time tips to maximize your refund and minimize your filing expenses. 1. Claim your tax credits Make sure you claim all the tax credits you qualify for. One out of five taxpayers who are eligible for Earned Income Tax Credit fail to claim the credit, which can save you up to more than $5,000 in tax credit. Check out the IRS EITC Home Page to find out if you’re … Continue reading

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Peripheral Benefits Of Downsizing Your Home

When money is tight and people look to cut their costs, the most appealing ways to save are usually the ones that can be done most easily. People will forgo expensive restaurants, stop making trips to the mall, and cancel their premium television subscription. All these approaches can certainly amount to considerable and worthwhile savings. But when the need to save money and cut expenses is truly pressing, it sometimes becomes necessary to take more substantial and drastic measures. Among … Continue reading

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